Special versions

Samag manufactures special versions made to measure for all customer requirements.
Samag: the perfect solution!

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY to have more information.

TM 22 PO with weighing scales and printer  TM 22 PO with load backrest TM 30 porte-bobines double mesure 
 TOP 22 reel carrier  TM PO for fruit & vegetable markets   TM30 with platform (instead of forks) 
 TOP with articulated platform   Top for Handling Maserati cars   EL 16 with special mast
 EL with weighing scales   EL reel carrier EL wide straddles and side shift
 ELFO 1 with towing mechanism   MAX with bilateral equipment   MAX with pallet access
MAX with protection cage  MAX with series of rollers Pick 22 with cabin
Picking without forks  ERGON high mast lift version  ERGON Heated cabin for cold stores
TM PO INOX with Weighing scales  TOP INOX special forks  ELS INOX Special construction 
Special ELT INOX MAX 2 with INOX cabin  LOGIS PICK metalised version