Order picker trucks


Order picker suitable for rapid and comfortable medium and high level picking operations

Capacity 1000 Kgs 

They are available with picking lift heights up to 8300 mm, 

NEW Ergonomic drive layout
Electronic traction and steering controllers in AC connected in CAN-BUS
Steering angle at 180° with progressive travel speed reduction depending on the angle and progressive travel speed reduction and on basis of lift height.
Possibility of choice between three performance levels P1-P2-P3
Side access gates to operator’s drive position with n°3 currents to make easier raising and lowering of the operator from the cabin.
Travelling and lifting of driver’s cabin with side gates open up to H 1200mm. 

Possibility of fitting accessories (document holder , bottle holder).
Possibility of special versions


MAX with access to pallet MAX with cage protection
MAX with dual controls MAX with bilateral equipment 
MAX with battery extraction rollers  

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